Happy Holistic Massage Therapy - Your friends in preventative health.

My name is Marjorie, I am a licensed Massage Therapist, and I am a certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I have been doing massage since 2010, and I have poured my heart and soul into this business. My passion is massage,and healing with food, because I want to help people. Nothing makes me happier than making others happy. I love to see the progress my clients make, and to help them be healthy naturally. I don't believe in drugs and pain killers, but natural, holistic medicine.

Many people underestimate just how much massage can help you heal, let me show you.

I occasionally work with Cindy and Nikita in Cindy's place of business on Garfield st. in Parkland.
Cindy is able to bill most insurance companies for massage, and Nikita does waxing, eyelash extension and other skin care with massage.

Please call Cindy at 253-861-4432 or Nikita at 253-886-3433 to book their services.
Here is what we all currently offer in Parkland.

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